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Are you ready to give up mediocrity and break past your normal human potential? If so, it’s time to enter the Forge. You’ll never look back.

What is TitanForge?


TitanForge is a physical and mental training system inspired by the US Military’s most elite warriors, designed to give you the resources, guidance, and opportunities needed to forge yourself into a modern-day Titan, functionally fit and battle-ready for any challenge, whether on the front lines or in your own back yard.

TitanForge isn’t for everyone. You won’t see us playing a game of catch and calling it exercise. We don’t just throw weights around for the fun of it. We’re committed to being the hardest workers in the room and the most reliable warriors on the battlefield. If you aren’t ready to push yourself and do the work necessary to make that a reality, the way of the Titan is not for you. But if you are, we have just one thing to say: Go Forge Yourself.

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Get the Essentials

Prepare yourself for the training that will get you up to a level of functional fitness on par with the world’s top special operations forces. Get started by downloading the free training guide and finding out what equipment you will need in your Forge.


Join the Community

Build your support network. As part of the TitanForge community, you will be surrounded by brothers and sisters from all walks of life who have made the commitment to base their lives around improvement of themselves and their teams.


Start Training

Give yourself a test to see where you are, then dive into the training laid out in the free TitanForge Physical Trainig Guide. Keep track of your progress and share it with the community. Come to us any time you need help with your training.

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