Personal Training

So you are ready to commit to being the hardest worker in the room and forge yourself into the Titan we both know you can be, but you don’t know how to start. Don’t worry. When you sign up for Personal Training, we can handle all of the confusion for you.

Training made simple

No Matter Who You Are

Maybe you’re a successful business leader that wants to prove to yourself, your clients, and your competition that you can dominate the business world and kill it in the gym.

Maybe you work an office job, but want to be a weekend warrior and compete in obstacle course races that you used to think were beyond your capabilities.

Or maybe you’re just sick and tired of not being able to stick to a good workout program!

No matter what you need, we can show you how to use TitanForge as a basis for building a personalized and highly effective training program that will forge you into the Titan that we know you can be. 

We've Got You Covered

Let us take the guesswork out of your training. No more wondering how much weight to put on the bar or how many reps to do. No more guessing what proper form looks like. No more relying on random internet articles to tell you how far to improve your cardio. No more going down this journey alone.

If you’re ready to join us, we’re ready to train you.

Personal Training

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In the form below, please select the Training Package that you are interested in, the day that you would like to start, and your preferred time slot for training. Then just fill out your information and we’ll take it from there!

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