Using Set-backs as Fuel for Growth!

Using Set-backs as Fuel for Growth!

TitanForge on the Zero Xcuses Podcast

When I told Kenyon Zitzka that I wanted to spread the word about TitanForge, he didn’t miss a beat in extending an invitation to talk about our story and what we’re doing on his Zero Xcuses Podcast.

If you’re a member of our closed Facebook Group (and let’s be honest, there’s no good reason you shouldn’t be), then you know that Kenyon is heavily involved in the TitanForge community. Kenyon holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering and spent 20+ years in the US Navy. He now uses his podcast to spread the message of discipline and living a life with no excuses.

Every week, he brings you interviews with the most successful military leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, and influencers. He breaks down their strategies into practical tools you can implement right away to get you the results you want. He also offers short, no-frills shows every week that give you even more resources. This is a no-BS show that gets right down to business! It’s in my line-up of podcasts, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Use the player below to give this episode a listen. Then go check out more of the Zero Xcuses Podcast!

Episode Description

Welcome Brandon Dean to the Zero Xcuses Podcast! He is the founder of TitanForge where it’s his mission to bring battle-ready fitness inspired by American Special Operations to those who desire to join the military! Listen in and hear how he’s not only overcome set-backs in his life but has used them to strengthen his resolve and open new opportunities for himself.

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